Dawon Cast for Webdrama "My X-Like 20"

Dawon, a member of SF9 and an actor, was cast in the web drama "My X-Like 20".


His agency FNC Entertainment announced on the 21st that Dawon will play resort employee Jo Sang-wook in the web music drama "My X-Like 20".

"My X-Like 20" is a romance fantasy drama about an episode in which a cursed person who has to live at the age of 20 for the rest of his life infiltrates a resort with clues to change his fate.

Jo Sang-wook, played by Dawon, is a person who is always positive about everything and has kindness. He is also well-received within the resort because he has a talent for quickly grasping the other person. So-won (Choi Yuju) appears for Sang-wook, and an interesting development is expected.

Dawon previously challenged the Korean drama for the first time with tvN drama "Doom at Your Service", proving his extraordinary presence with his real brother's acting. In addition, he starred in the web drama "Part-Time Melo" for the first time and is expanding his acting spectrum step by step by performing excellent natural romance acting.

"My X-Like 20" starring Dawon, will be released this December.

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