Greg Hsu, "I'm A Lee Ji-eun Fan, She's Cute and Multi-talented"

Taiwanese actor Greg Hsu's pictorial has been released.


Greg Hsu recently covered the October issue of Star & Style Magazine at Style.

Greg Hsu, who recently held a fan meeting in Korea, met about 4,000 fans in person and had a precious time. He said, "It was my first fan meeting in my life. I was very touched by the fans' love, and I felt like I was fully charged with energy", he said.

When he visited Korea and asked about the most delicious food, he raised his thumb by choosing Jjajangmyeon and Korean beef. Greg Hsu said, "I really fell in love with it. I grilled Korean beef and had just one bite, and it tasted really good. I don't think I'll forget the taste of Jjajangmyeon I ate here again", he said.

Greg Hsu emerged as a representative youth star in Asia through the Taiwanese drama "Someday Or One Day" as Li Ziwei, becoming so popular he caused a syndrome in Korea and the term 'Sangchinja'.

When asked if he knew the meaning of 'Sangchinja', he said, "I found out when I came to Korea this time. As soon as I heard the meaning, I laughed a lot. I think it's because of a good scenario, a good director, and good actors", he said modestly.

Greg Hsu, who said he usually watches Korean works, expressed his intention to work in Korea. Greg Hsu, who said, "I'm careful to say I want to be with someone when asked about a celebrity I want to work with". At the same time, Greg Hsu, who said he was a fan of Lee Ji-eun, shyly expressed his fan sentiment, saying, "I think she is a very versatile artist and she is cute".

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