[HanCinema's News] "SEOBOK" Passes the 200,000 Viewer Mark in Its First Weekend

With the final figures in from the weekend, "SEOBOK" now stands at 210,233 admissions at the South Korean box office. The number is an improvement compared to the early weekday figures, which hinted at an even weaker performance. But "SEOBOK" remains a disappointment, as hopes were high for the movie to reinvigorate the South Korean box office but it now looks unlikely to crack even half a million.


The true success of "SEOBOK" at this juncture is unknowable, as TVING began streaming the movie for free on April 15th to its users, the same day that "SEOBOK" was available in theaters. It's entirely possible that TVING streaming views cannibalized box office admissions for "SEOBOK" making the science fiction appear to perform much worse than it actually did. But in either case, "SEOBOK" is not looking to be the success story many in the industry had been hoping for.

Lead actor Gong Yoo said in a recent interview he had no regrets about the project, considering it a strong script worthy of selection. Park Bo-gum is not available for comment, as he is undergoing mandatory military service. Both men will also be appearing in the upcoming film "Wonderland" which is another science fiction project that had to be put on hold for release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Written by William Schwartz