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Kim So-hyun in the Webtoon Drama "Is It a Coincidence?"

Actress Kim So-hyun has confirmed her appearance in the new drama "Is It a Coincidence?"


On the 27th, Kim So-hyun's agency said, "Kim So-hyun has been cast as Lee Hong-joo, the main character of the new drama "Is It a Coincidence?" (written by Park Geu-ro, directed by Song Hyeon-wook)".

"Is It a Coincidence?" is a work that depicts the story of young people who accidentally meet their first love again 10 years ago and move on to find true love and dreams, and is based on the webtoon "Is It a Coincidence?".

In the drama, Kim So-hyun plays Lee Hong-joo, an animation producer who is afraid of love due to her wounds to her past love. Kim So-hyun, who has performed enthusiastically in various works, transforms into an ordinary office worker in the drama, heralding another life character.

The director will be Song Hyeon-wook, a 'romance master' who has a reputation for his delicate directing skills such as dramas "The King's Affection", "Beauty Inside - Drama" and "Another Miss Oh".

"Is It a Coincidence?" is scheduled to begin filming in the second half of this year.

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