Park Eun-bin, "Acting Is a Sublimation Process"

"Hit maker queen" actress Park Eun-bin showed off a new charm.


Fashion magazine The Star released a cover of the January issue with Park Eun-bin. Park Eun-bin played the role of Crown Prince Lee Hwi, a woman dressed as a man, through the popular KBS2 drama "The King's Affection". In an interview, she said, "I did my best and have no regrets because I cannot and will not be able to play the role of crown prince and king in the future. It's a work that made me feel so much", she said.

When asked what acting is, Park Eun-bin said, "'The process of sublimation'. The process is acting. I feel what I can't as human Park Eun-bin through acting. So I feel more fun and free when I act", she said. "I repeat the process of refilling and emptying my energy through acting".

She also said, "I hope everyone stays healthy and happy and safe in 2022".

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