[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "A Happy Present"

New stills added for the upcoming Korean movie "A Happy Present" (2020)


Directed by Lee Gwi-duk

With Kang Sung-ho, Yeo Woo-rin, Yoon Chae-eun, Choi Min-jung, Kwak Seung-yeon, Choi Yoon-bin,...

Ji-yeon (Mom) moves to a small town with Soo-jeong. There, they set up a new home called 'Soo-jeong's Beauty Parlor' and spent happy times with each other. Whenever Soo-jung's father, Wang-soo crosses her mind from time to time, she bite her lips, and her heart aches for her daughter who misses her father.

One day, Soo-jung collapses and Ji-yeon carries her to the hospital and there is a shocking news from the doctor...

Soo-jung is then admitted to the cancer ward, room 1004. After some time, as if everything had come back, Soo-jeong's heart grew warm. She hopes for the moment of seeing her father and mother lovingly together to remain forever.

However, Soo-jung is getting thinner and thinner, she gives warmth to the people, and this angel's last letter is for her parents...

Release date in Korea : 2020/10/15